The Bakery

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:21 PM by Kristen Wegener

Living at The Bakery has been really fantastic so far. Not only is it only a few blocks from campus, making my morning bike ride only about 5 minutes, but all of us girls get along really well. We eat dinner together four nights a week, and tomorrow for the first time we are having company.

This afternoon, after I got back from class, I was on the lawn reading a book when one of my neighbors came home. I had yet to meet this neighbor, John. He just moved in last week from the Dominican Republic. John was a bit surprised to see me reading on the lawn, he told me. “I saw the sign that said it was a Bakery and got really excited! I love bakeries!” So we took them cookies this evening and invited them all to dinner tomorrow. “Cookies are such a great way to end the day.”

We all agree.

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