The Bakery

Living at The Bakery has been really fantastic so far. Not only is it only a few blocks from campus, making my morning bike ride only about 5 minutes, but all of us girls get along really well. We eat dinner together four nights a week, and tomorrow for the first time we are having company.

This afternoon, after I got back from class, I was on the lawn reading a book when one of my neighbors came home. I had yet to meet this neighbor, John. He just moved in last week from the Dominican Republic. John was a bit surprised to see me reading on the lawn, he told me. “I saw the sign that said it was a Bakery and got really excited! I love bakeries!” So we took them cookies this evening and invited them all to dinner tomorrow. “Cookies are such a great way to end the day.”

We all agree.

Another School Year!

I am so happy to be back in school, happy, but already tired.

This year I am living in a neat little house about 100 years old (hereafter known as the Bakery) with three other sweet girls. So far we have already managed to (almost) overflow the utility sink and break the rotten wood on one of the dining room windows.

The sink happened because the washer drains into the utility sink (who knew!) and it was clogged with old soap scum and lint. Yuck! And if that ever happens to you, the answer is a plunger.

The window happened because we were trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather by opening up and it fell apart in our hands. Ooops. Good thing we have maintenance to call. :-)

My classes are going to be rigorous, but I’m looking forward to at least some of them. Today, for example, one of my professors came to class in a body bag on a gurney. Gotta love the sense of humor of forensic scientists! One of my other professors, the prof. for Medical-surgical and clinical, will have to miss class on Friday because she will be radioactive (for thyroid cancer. Please pray for her as she fights it. She’s my Christian professor and I am really hoping and praying that she will be well enough to continue teaching this semester.)

Also, despite having 17 credit hours, I have Wednesdays off! Wahoo! An entire day devoted to studying, and study breaking (exploring the trails, biking and hiking, around Lafayette.) Tomorrow: Prophetstown State Park bike trail!