I don't know how to fix most thing

I had been warned that there were hazards of being a nursing student, but I didn’t really start experiencing them until this semester. It happens like this:

John: “Hi! I’m John.”
Kristen: “Hey, I’m Kristen. So what’s your major?”
J: “I’m in engineering. What’s your major?”
K: “I’m in nursing. What kind of engineering?”
J: “Oh, you’re in nursing? Hey, I have a pain right here. What is it? Should I go to the ER or just wait it out? Am I broken or should I just ice it?”

I have no idea, so usually it doesn’t do much good to ask.

Or like this:

Phone rings
K: “Hello”
Family member: “Hi Kristen! How are you? Say, what do you do for_____”

Both of these things happened to me in the last 24 hours. This first was with some guy at Navs who had a pain in his chest and wondered if his heart was stopping… I really am not the right one to ask about that. The second was my brother who had burned himself on his motorcycle. That I can deal with… :-)

Just for further reference, I’m not a doctor. I never will be a doctor, or have an advanced degree in nursing. My knowledge is pretty limited. Feel free to ask me, but I’ll probably just send you to the doctor’s office or ER.

For a cloudy, winter day

I was looking through old photos the other day and found some gems:

We all have bad days. Sometimes this just feels really good! (Mom, aren’t you glad he’s a happy kid now?)

You wanna know how we really feel?
And they wonder how they got the name “Moody hikers”…

And apparently we haven't changed much.

But that trip wasn't all bad. Some of us got in touch with our feminine essence.

Like sister like brother. I taught Ben some invaluable tricks.

Back in the days when Andrew had a lion's mane instead of a normal head of hair and Amanda and Faith were even in height.

This one makes me laugh. It just does.

The First Day of Clinical...

Was enjoyable. I gave a full bed bath... And that's about all I can say about that because of HIPPA.

Oh well.