The last few weeks

Friday, October 21, 2011 7:13 PM by Kristen Wegener

...have been really busy here at the Bakery. Just a few highlights.

There was October Break! Which was great, but came to an end with three large papers due back to back. My professors really like making things due after breaks.

I locked myself out of my house for the first time. We had been warned by the girls who lived here before that it was easy to do, but up till now nobody had, so we hadn’t bothered hiding our spare key anywhere. My roommates were asleep and in the shower and didn’t hear my pounding on the door. So I had to scramble in through a window (about four feet off the ground) in a floor length skirt. The key got hidden outside not too long afterwards. (And the only injury suffered to either me or the house was a scraped knuckle. Pretty good, especially considering the only window unlocked was the one that fell apart in our hands earlier this semester.)

I also got myself laughed at by a car packed with guys this afternoon. I probably deserved it. While talking to my brother outside, I started walking the iron fence around my porch like a cat. Such is life.

Finally, I am becoming incredibly thankful for my Godly professor who pushes me towards Godliness in my care for my patients. It is so encouraging for to be stopped in the hall and be told of God’s goodness and how God displayed his power in this or that patient’s life.

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