I think I’m in love…

Saturday, November 6, 2010 5:56 PM by Kristen Wegener

… with my very favorite professor, Professor David Parrish.

This is him in Turkey with my sister’s now dejected Edward Bear (I love you too, Edward!)

Yesterday before class started, Professor Parrish came up to me:

“Have you decided if you can take Medieval Art History next semester”
“Well, Professor Parrish, I haven’t quite decided yet. But I do want to.”

“We are saving you a spot in it.”

And then my heart melted.

What followed in class was probably one of the funniest telling of the story of Jonah.

“What you see here is Christ in the center medallion, represented as the Good Shepherd. In the lunettes, the semicircles on the edges, is the story of Jonah.

Now, you all know the story of Jonah? He was on a mission for God, but got kidnapped by pirates! They took him away from where he was heading. Far from his home, a storm arose and threatened the ships. So the pirates threw Jonah overboard and he was swallowed by a great whale (here represented as a sea monster.) After three days, representing the time that Christ was dead before his resurrection, Jonah was thrown onto land by the whale. The next panel shows him reclining under an arbor.”

This telling of the story of Jonah missed the mark on so many points, but I didn’t quite have the heart to tell him.

In other news, I’m about to throw my sociology and psychology books out the window. But I can’t. Because I have both those exams on Monday.

But you will never catch me willingly studying either of these topics further than this semester. If I have to, I’ll probably go kicking and screaming.

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  1. Kara Says:

    At least he got the representation of the three days right. Kind of surprising that he would get that one more obscure fact right when he missed most of the essential facts :-)

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