Is Education Enough?

Friday, October 22, 2010 1:30 PM by Kristen Wegener

Recently in my Pathophysiology class, we have been talking about the cardiovascular system, and naturally, because heart disease is so prevalent in our country, we were talking about prevention methods.

My nursing professor, a woman around her mid 40s who is about 60-70 (or more) pounds overweight, said, “As soon as we make broccoli taste like potato chips, people will eat it. Until then, it doesn’t matter how much education we get or how many more studies are conducted to show the effects of eating well on our health, Americans will not change their eating habits. It will only happen when broccoli tastes like potato chips, and whoever figures that out will be a wealthy man. Just look at me! I won’t eat broccoli till it tastes good, and I’m teaching you this stuff!”

So apparently the rest of the university is wrong; people won’t change just because of their level of education.

By the way, I certainly hope we never figure out how to make broccoli taste like potato chips because I happen to love broccoli the way it comes off the plant.

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  1. Anne Says:

    Wow! I can't believe she wants broccoli to taste like potato chips! Maybe your prof. has only experienced something lame like frozen broc. And clearly she must not have eaten it just after picking from her garden. By the way, I have some lovely lettuce growing, one of the few times I've actually remembered to plant a late crop. The rest of the garden looks pretty ghastly, but we do still have tomatoes alive, so finally we have tomatoes and lettuce at the same time.

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