Five things that I will miss about Lafayette

Monday, April 26, 2010 3:22 PM by Kristen Wegener
This time of the semester, it is hard for me to sit still, hoping that time will speed up and hurriedly bring me back to Bloomington. But, since I will most likely be living in West Lafayette for the better part of the next three years, I had better start liking at least some parts of living here. So here are five things, in no particular order, that I especially love about living in West Lafayette / Lafayette

1.The Wabash. While most people who grew up here take it for granted, or even hate it b
ecause it is polluted, dirty, and floods, I find it a soothing influence. No matter what, it is always running south. Someday, I’ll get a canoe and float down south with it.

2. The stacks in HSSE Library. This is the best place to study on campus (even better than the bathrooms!) They have windows that open, private desks, and two outlets so I can plug in both my phone and my computer! I’ve spent more time there than anywhere else this semester, excluding sleep time.

3. My church. Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian has been pretty swell. The kids (little ones) immediately accepted me at the beginning of last year, even though I hadn’t been raised singing Psalms. And the parents followed their children. They are some of the craziest, most enjoyable families I know. Special thanks to the Pfeiffer’s, Larson’s, and Olivetti’s.

4. Being in biking distance to everything that is necessary. Part of the reason I am is because I have increased my biking distance to twenty plus miles… =) I have diffidently gotten in better shape, biking up to the
grocery, out to the Pfeiffer’s house (a good ten, flat miles from my apartment), to the Fort, and every other place imaginable. But, having a car will diffidently make my life easier.

5. Being outside so much that I already have tan lines on my feet. I know that as soon as I go back home, I’ll have some sort of job or another than will require me to stay inside with closed toe shoes. Why didn’t I choose to major in something that let me go barefooted? That should have been on my list of things I thought about when I picked what I studied.

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  1. Says:

    >>I have diffidently gotten in better shape...

    Yeah; that's been my problem for--like--all my entire life. Diffidently getting in better shape.

    Love you much,

  2. Kara Says:

    Dear Kristen,
    Time for an update!

  3. Anne Says:

    Now that you are back in W. Laf - you can start blogging again! Have a good time settling in to your new apt. and greeting friends at church tomorrow!


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