Meeting the Sim Men

Friday, October 2, 2009 7:29 AM by Kristen Wegener
Being in nursing school is certainly challenging in many different
respects. However, there are perks as well. This week I was introduced to the freakiest and coolest things involved in the school. They are the simulation men (or women, depending on what parts you put on or take off, or if it is pregnant) who reproduce different health crisis. Essentially they are all robots who talk, cough, breathe, have a heart rate, sounds, lung sounds, etc. I held one of their hands briefly when I met one of them and it was so strange! It almost felt real, except that it had a hard, mechanical inside. The newest sim men arrived late last week and do everything from bleed, cry, have snot come out of their nose, and saliva come out of their mouths. Oh, and they also die on nursing students. That's why we have them, so we can learn not to kill them. =) They can be used to simulate almost any medical emergency from heart attack to labor and delivery; they can be in-tubed (put on a ventilator) and they have IV sites, and so much more. The only thing they can't do is get up and walk. The new ones are wireless as well so they can simulate a cardiac arrest in the hallway of the nursing building as a pop quiz for the poor nursing students who happen to be there.

2 Response to "Meeting the Sim Men"

  1. Tim Says:

    Do you have any pictures of these "men"?

    (Mom, who is currently reading under Dad's account.)

  2. Kristen Wegener Says:

    Unfortunately no. Maybe I'll get one when I start working on them more in the coming years.
    One of the pediatric sim robots, a little boy, was modeled after the company owner's son and we all agreed he looked the scariest. His teeth were falling out and they were yellow and his eyes were a little creepy. But he was crazy smart, for a robot.

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