A Refreshing Saturday

Weekends are fantastic to have again. While I was in B-ton I almost always worked at least 8 hours on Saturday, leaving almost no time for play. One of the niceties about being a student and not working is the free weekend hours that I am sure will fill up with homework soon. But for now, I take the time to go biking and go down to the local farmer's market...

...like these guys, for instance. After asking them if I could take their picture, they started talking to me about life and I found out that they were both Christians. The guy in the overalls told me a short story of his life. He was first married to a lovely woman named Marilyn, who was ten years older than him and wore a size ten shoe. He loved her dearly, but she developed liver cancer and died of it. He didn’t think he would ever marry again. But a few years later he met and married another beautiful woman. Her name’s Marilyn, she is ten years older than him, and she wears a size ten shoe. “The Good Lord knows I don’t like change!” was his only remark about that. They were both very encouraging to me about my studies and were just overall fantastic! I’m going to visit them until the market ends in October. =)

After Market, I went to the Tippecanoe County Public Library, where they were having a book sale. I discovered that I probably shouldn’t be allowed to go to a book sale by myself when I am starving for a ready supply of kids books. Thankfully, they almost all fit on my bookshelf. =)

Along the way home, I stopped to take pictures of my new, sometimes bewildering, surroundings.

The Courthouse

On the bridge over the train tracks right by the Amtrak train station that I have to cross to get to Lafayette. It’s pretty fun to stand on it when the train is moving because the bridge vibrates!

The Wabash on one of the overlooks. I love riding down by the river!

One of the best things by the river are the flowers that grow there! God’s creation is amazing and beautiful, and I love it because it points to His glory.

Later that day Jessica and I went to a RUF picnic. The most exciting thing about that picnic was that the hosts own a quarter share of a 4-seater airplane and he gave rides! Jess even flew it some, which was both cool and little scary for the passenger in the back seat. I was pretty sure we were going to start to role in the air. All-in-all it was a lovely day.

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  1. Forrest H Says:

    Jessica was flying an airplane!?! Gaaah!

    (I was shocked (don't tell Jessica), but, well, if you're reading this Jessica, it's not that I question your airplane flying skills, it's just, ahh, well, most people learn how to drive cars first. But then, as Kara is pointing out to me, the Queen of Saudi Arabia doesn't drive a car and she flies an airplane all the time.)

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