The Fish that Wouldn’t Go Under and Being Evangelized on Campus

That's right, I said being evangelized, not doing it. But first things

If PETA ever got wind of what goes on in biology labs across the nation they would have a fit. Take last night, for example. We have just started studying the circulatory system and so we naturally want to see veins and arteries with the blood still flowing through them. One of the best ways to do this is on live fish. So, we took a very alive, large gold fish out of his tank and put him in a much smaller tank of anesthetic until he turned on his side, completely out. (We only killed two last night out of lots and lots of fish examined!) Well, my lab partner and I were the last to see the fish. For kicks, one of the TAs picked the largest fish out of the bunch. The poor little guy kept fighting the anesthetic. He kept beginning to go to sleep, turning on his side. Then, he would suddenly rally and start thrashing around again. Finally he was down and the TA started to fish him out with a net when he started thrashing around again! The crazy fish would not go to sleep. Well, he eventually lost enough strength to stay still on the microscope so we put him on there (wrapped in very damp cotton to keep him moist) and observed his blood flowing through the blood vessels. The entire time, though, his mouth was moving, making faces that were much more amusing than his blood vessels.

Earlier this week, I was wasting time between classes, eating an apple on Memorial Mall. Apparently I looked more available than most of my fellow college students because I hadn't been there more than five minutes when a professor-aged man asked if he could sit down with me. I said sure, and he proceeded to talk for the next five minutes about the Bible, sin, and presented the gospel. When he finished I told him I was already a Christian and I came to find out that we have several mutual acquaintances including Pastor Bayly. What a small world!